Friday, April 27, 2018

6 Best Websites to Shop for Swimsuits

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Look cute this summer, without going bankrupt. These 6 websites are where I found the cutest swimwear.

Forever 21
American Eagle
Nani Swimwear
Urban Outfitters

Friday, April 20, 2018

8 Pre-Dead Week Relaxation Techniques
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Count backwards from 100 in threes
Close your eyes and just count 100...97...94...91...88. Forget about everything else for just one second. Don’t focus on anything except what number will come next in the sequence. When you’re done whatever needs to be done will still be there, but you will have a more open mind ready to try again.

Face Masks
Get the cheap ones from Walmart that cost a dollar. Close your eyes and just take some time for yourself. Not only will your skin feel more clean, but you’re be more apt to conquer your problems.

Staying active will give you more energy and will make it easier to studying done.

Eat Well
While eating chocolate and ice cream will make you happy in the moment it won’t help in the long haul. Eat some fruit and veggies that will help with studying and make yourself overall feel better.

Encouraging quotes
Go on pinterest and search encouraging quotes. If it’s possible hang them around your room. Having all the positive surround you will help you do better on your test and make you feel better.

Listen to a calming playlist
At least for me music will determine my whole attitude. If I need something calming throw on some throw jazz or any music that will make you happy.

Have a 30 Second Dance Party
Forget about all your troubles and have a mini dance party. Not only will the burst of energy help you with your studies, but you will overall feel more happy.

Actually Prepare

The best way to be ready for an exam and feel good about it is to study. Take the time to actually prepare and you will do great.

Friday, April 13, 2018

6 Best Ways to Stay Productive this Summer

  • Summer courses
  • Short time jobs
  • Make some memories
  • Go on vacation
  • Volunteer!
  • Summer Love?

Friday, April 6, 2018

5 Best Ways to Survive the End of Spring Semester

Spring break is over. Easter weekend is over. The only thing standing between you and the basking in the sweet summer sun is four long weeks of the rest of the semester. With every pre-lab left to complete feeling like a ton of bricks. With every blog post for social media class feels like being trapped in the whirlwind of a tornado.

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Nothing to fear! I am here to give you the best tips of how to survive college when you feel like you have nothing left.

Remember what you have already done

You could work your butt of this entire semester, but if you decided to not care anymore at the very end everything will be for nothing. Remind yourself of all the sacrifices already made for school. Think of all the parties stayed home from or all the sleepless nights. Don’t stop now.

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Set goals for yourself

Have both short term and long term goals. Stay focused by listing out exactly what needs to be done and stick to it. Stay organized and aware of everything that needs to get done and when it needs to be done by.

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Recruit some friends

When it seems impossible to stay motivated yourself get some friends help motivate you. This can be either putting together a study group or having roommates encourage you to get your work done. Either way it’s easier to stay on top of the ball when you have others there to help you stay focused.

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Remember why you’re doing this

Before I write a whole paragraph about the importance of education and all that other stuff professors lecture you about, I’m going to remind you that YOU HAD TO PAY FOR COLLEGE. Maybe you have amazing parents or a great scholarship, but either way money had to be paid for you to be here. Don’t waste all of it skipping out on the last minute.

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Believe in yourself

Positivity can go a long way! Positive self talk and motivation can help anymore get through the most difficult of tasks. Remind yourself that you have what it takes and keep going! You’re almost there!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

10 Best ways to get involved at college

While the main reason for college is to learn, it’s important to take time for yourself to be happy. Getting involved in college will not only do that, but it will also benefit you in building a resume and diversifying your life!

Join a club (Or Start one!)
There are hundreds of different clubs that you can join on campus. Find something that pertains to your interests and it can connect you with friends that also enjoy that thing. If there’s nothing out there that find you, START YOUR OWN CLUB! Whether you want to go through to make it official or not is up to you. Figure out what you love and do it!

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Intramural Sports
Whether you want to be right up in the game play or just want to watch from the sideline intramural sports is a great way to get involved with your college. Talk to someone in the Physical Education department to find out the schedule of games and when tryouts are. Intramural sports are a great way to still enjoy what you love without the time commitment of being a full time student athlete.

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Live in a social place
Before moving away to college find out the best places to live. Your roommates can become your family away from home and lifetime friends. Consider living in the dorms on campus or other off-campus housing that is right in the middle of the fun. College housing using be a lively place where people are open to making new friends.

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Greek Life
Want to automatically gain 30 new best friends? Consider going out for greek life. Not only will you forever be matching with your new BFFs, but you will have lots of new connections and opportunities come from it. It will give you somewhere to belong and a place to call home. A World Report of U.S. News gives more information on the ups and downs of being in a sorority or fraternity.

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Check calendars and postings
Look at the toilet times. You know what I’m talking about. Inside the bathroom stalls there all sorts of listings for activities and events going at campus for the week. Guess what? You can actually go to those things! Part of your tuition is going into those events and you should take full use of them.

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Actually talk to your classmates
I know this is a scary one, but it’s okay to actually talk to the girl that has sat right next to you in your math class for the past two months. Start by asking about the current assignment or if they want to get together and study. They might actually turn out to be great people to hang out with.

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Student Government
Would you rather be the one that plans the event instead of just attending it? Look into how to get involved with student council at your school. This would give you a reason to be at all the event and could even give you paying job from it.

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Organizations related to your major
Talk to your adviser about events and organizations that are going along with your major. There are tons of way to get involved that could potentially add to your resume for future employers. It’s important to try to get absorbed in something that you love.

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Go to activities and parties
College isn’t all about going to class, but gaining experiences that help you grow as a person. Attend a few college parties to make friends and memories. Talk to your roommates about even hosting your own party. Invite someone people over, get some food and have some fun.

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Attend performances and lectures
Find out all the free events that your student ID can get yourself into. This could become a perfect date to bring your special someone to and you have to pay a dime. Plus you’ll be supporting your fellow students in their college endeavors.

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Support your sport teams
Finally support your sport teams. They need a little love too. This is another great way to meet friends and if you don’t want to actually talk to anyone you don’t have to. Just join along with the cheers the whole time.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vacation budget tips for the broke college student
You’ve turned in your last midterm paper and your college imprisonment is finally over! It is spring break and you have a whole five days to bask in the sun (or hide away in your room eating ben and jerry’s while binge watching netflix. It’s up to you.) But if you’re the type of person that does want to go somewhere it can be stressful trying to find something fun to do that doesn’t completely eat your wallet. That’s why I put together my list of best tips to help you plan your most financially smart trip ever.

Bring Friends:
Not only can they make the trip more fun, but the more people you bring the more gas money will be split up. Find some people that will be willing to carpool with you.

Take your own food:
While it may promote itself to be the happiest place on earth, having to spend ten dollars for one slice of pizza could make the typically broke college student cry. Buy ingredients to make your own lunch and have snacks ready.

Have a plan:
While not every college student wants to hear it, having a plan before going away from spring break will help you from overspending. This way it’s possible to pick out the most affordable places and activities to participate in. It will also help to know exactly how much the whole trip is going to cost so you can plan accordingly

Friday, March 2, 2018

12 ways to have a stress free midterm week

The beauty of college is they is most teachers will single out one week to hit you with all of your tests. That week is midterm week, but don’t fret as I’m going to give you my top 12 tips to stay stress free during midterm week.

1. Plan out your week
Figure out when each test is and plan accordingly. Set aside the most optimal times to study for each of your test and as soon as one is over move on to the next one.

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2. Eat Healthy
Sure sugar snacks can help you for a little bit, but it will most likely lead to a sugar crash. Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that will make your body feel good. If you feel good it will be easier to put all of your focus on studying for your tests.
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3. Music
Figure out what kind of music that makes it easier for you to study to. You need something that can block out the distractions, but still allow you to focus on your work. I recently learned that most video game soundtracks have motivating sounds to make you more focus, but not distract you.
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4. Stay Active
It might seem contradictory to spend time exercising when you could be studying, but using setting aside time to be active during midterms will benefit you in the long run. Physical activity will promote learning and will help you do better on your tests.
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5. Try different methods of studying
There's several different methods of learning. Some ways you could try are creating flashcards, act like you’re teaching someone else, draw diagrams, create mental associations, write out all the information you know, etc.
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6. Take breaks
Spending 6 hours straight in the library might not be as beneficial as you think. Make sure to be taking constant breaks so that your let your brain progress the information and not overwhelm yourself.
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7. Talk to your professors
If you have questions or a clear explanation on another the best person to ask is your professors. They happen to be the ones that know exactly what is on the test and are the best ones to help you prepare.
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8. Group Study
Ask some friends from your class to study together. This way you can learn from each other and help benefit all of you for the test. It will also help you stay motivated and more involved.
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9. Studying in different places
Having different visual environments surrounding you will help you not get bored and help you stay on task. Lifehacker explains why this can be so helpful.
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10. Sleep
Staying up all night to do so late night cramming and hurt you more than benefit. Make sure you mind is completely there during test day, so that the only thing on your mind is doing amazing!
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11. Chew Gum
Chewing the same type of gum during the test that you were using during studying will help you jog your memory of studying and will help you do better on your midterms.
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12. Believe in yourself

Positive self talk and motivation can go a long way. Knowing that you’re prepared and being in the right frame of mind will help you do better on your midterms.
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